Humane Food for a Better World

On March 11th, 2017 Mason Dining teamed up with The Humane Society to give two presentations about healthy food options at the 2017 Real Food for Kids Culinary Challenge and Wellness Expo. The presentation was designed to educate families on the importance of preparing healthy and sustainable meals. Mason Dining’s Chef Jose and Ashley Rhinehart from the Humane Society prepared, on site, three vegan meal options that were distributed during their presentation.

Rhinehart presented about their “Meatless Monday” campaign, which encourages people take a break from eating meat one day per week. This campaign has been successful in several large school systems, prisons, and with the military. The goal of the presentation was not to get people to become vegan or vegetarian, but merely to discuss the benefits of reducing the amount of meat consumed for health and environmental reasons.

Participants enjoyed three vegetarian and vegan dished during both presentations. They were served an enchilada, pasta shells with tofu, and a chickpea and vegetable salad. For dessert they received a vegan apple cake with meringue made from chickpea juice. Both presentations were so well received that each reached max capacity.

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