// UPDATE //

All dining halls will close at 7pm tonight. Starbucks Northern Neck will close at 10pm. All other locations are closed Thursday, November 15th.

Sick Meal Request

Not feeling well? No problem! Learn how to get meals even when you’re under the weather.

How Are We Doing?

Let us know how we’re doing, give us some ideas for upcoming events, and help us to make your dining experience better!

Care Packages

Want to send your student a care package without the hassle of mailing it? Check out the Mason Dining Gift Program!

Events Calendar

There are lots of special events throughout the semester. Check out the calendar to see upcoming events!

Which Meal Plan Are You?!

Take the quiz and learn which is the best meal plan specially made for you according to your needs.

Meet the Dietitian

Did you know that Mason Dining has a full-time Registered Dietitian on staff? Learn more about how she can help you with your dietary restrictions and fitness goals. The resident dietitian is available for individual appointments or group presentations and discussions.

Lois Durant