Meals for Students with Flu-like Illnesses

Students who are sick can receive pre-packaged healthy meals provided by Mason Dining Services. Those who wish to pick-up their meals should:

Step1: Pick which stage of sickness you are at from the list below.

Step2: Call 703-993-5052 to request a meal(s).

-When calling, provide your G# and requested meal (see options below) and any special dietary needs.

Step3: Pickup your meal from Southside

-One, two, or three meals may be picked up at one time.

-If you are unable to leave your residence hall, please ask your roommate or friend to pick up your meal.

Hours of Pickup: Meals are distributed at Cashier Station in Southside between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm weekdays and 11am – 9 pm Weekends.

Payment: Students with residential, Freedom or commuter meal plans will be charged the cost of one meal on their meal plan for each packaged meal received. Those who do not have meal plans may purchase meals with cash or Mason Money.

Pre-Packaged Meals

Each meal will contain: knife, fork, spoon, napkins, hot bowl.

When talking to our staff please select one of the stages below.

Packaged Meal – Stage 1

1 Soup

2 Plain gelatin (no red or lime)

2 Ginger ale

1 Powerade

4 Saltine Crackers

Sandwich as tolerated

Packaged Meal – Stage 2

1 Pudding or applesauce

2 Oatmeal

1 Soup

1 Banana

4 Package Saltine Crackers

2 Powerade

Sandwich as tolerated

Hot Meal – Stage 3

Packaged from the daily offerings