New Halal Entrees to be offered at Southside


Mason Dining works hard to honor cultural dining practices at George Mason University,which is why pre-cooked Halal meat will now be available upon request at Southside’s Without Boundaries entrée station without a wait. Halal beef, sausage, and bacon will be offered at breakfast, and halal options will also be available as a plated entree with sides during lunch and dinner.

Mason Dining works to create menus that cater to our diverse student population. As the population of halal diners on campus expands, Mason Dining is expanding our availability of halal options to better serve students across campus.

In addition to Halal meat, Mason Dining also provides vegetarian, vegan, and allergen-friendly dining options. Serving one of the most diverse campuses in the nation is a tough job – but Mason dining is up to the task and determined to meet the needs of all Mason students.

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