Meet Our New Executive Chef

Lucian Weavil’s interest in cooking started at a young age. As Lucian says, he has the stereotypical chef story of growing up cooking big meals in the kitchen with his family . He began working in a professional kitchen at the age of 13 washing dishes, within a year he was cooking on the line. He worked there until he was 18 and joined the Navy. Lucian served in the Navy’s Naval Mobil Construction Battalions four years then returned to the food industry again.

Lucian graduated with honors from the California Culinary Academy. He said that he worked at many great places, but his favorite place he worked at was when he got his first Executive Chef position at the Atavola Restaurant. After 30 years of culinary experience Lucian comes to Mason Dining from the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention center in National Harbor. Lucian brings to Mason Dining a new perspective, and in turn hopes to step up his own culinary experience through this new opportunity.

Lucian’s goal is to take the dining halls and the chefs to the next level. He wants to raise awareness of trending food options and learn how to adapt it to fit George Mason’s dining style. Lucian is also looking forward to creating fun food options for The Hungry Patriot, Mason Dining’s very own food truck coming to campus later this Spring! He is excited about the food truck because of the creativity it allows. For example, he is looking forward to incorporating any food options the students might want and how the atmosphere allows you to get creative with the menu’s. Lucian is looking forward to incorporating his mom’s chili recipe into the food truck and special event menus. It is his comfort food and it has won second place at two chili competitions.

“I’m really excited to be here at your campus at this capacity and that I have ability to affect and touch so many people with the food and cuisines we want to add in. It is a fantastic opportunity for myself, the students, and chefs.”

We are excited to have Lucian in the Mason Dining family, and for him to make his culinary debut in our kitchens!

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February 15, 2017

Meet Our New Executive Chef