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Independence Dining Program

Designed to build community through food and remove all worries from students about how and when they can eat. The Independence Dining Plan gives students unlimited access to the 3 dining halls. This means there are no meal swipes to keep track of! Each plan comes with up to $500.00 Bonus Funds to use at one of the other 25 retail dining locations.

Students who will be living and eating on campus during Early Move-in, Thanksgiving break, and/or Spring Break should upgrade their Independence Plan to the “Enhanced” level for continued swipe access to the Globe. The plan can also be upgraded to the “Ultimate” level which provides dining access during all semester breaks previously mentioned, and includes swipe access at the Globe during Winter Break.”

This meal plan is required for Freshmen and Sophomores living on campus without a full kitchen in their room.

Liberty Meal Plans

Designed for Juniors and Seniors who already have their dining habits and schedules down pact, this new meal plan option gives students the opportunity to benefit from the savings of a meal plan, while still being able to have the freedom to cook from home.

Liberty plans include a designated amount of meal swipes per week, plus a set amount of Flex Funds that can be used at all the dining locations on campus all semester.

*Up to $500 Bonus Funds can be added to this plan.

Freedom Plans

Freedom Plans are available to students living off campus or living on campus in Residence Halls where meal plans are not required (rooms with a full kitchen). These tax-free dining funds can be used at any dining facility on campus. When using Freedom at a dining hall on campus, you will receive a $2.00 door discount.

Freedom Plans start as low as $300.00 and go up to $2200.00. Remaining balance from a Freedom Plan will roll over from fall to spring semester, but cuts off at the end of the academic year. Freedom Plans may be upgraded at any point throughout the academic year.

Patriot Meal Plans

These meal plan were developed for students living on campus with access to a full kitchen, or students living off campus, and provide savings in campus dining halls and retail dining locations on campus, like Starbucks and Chick Fil A.

Meal swipes can be used in one of the 3 campus dining halls. Bonus funds can be used in retail dining facilities on campus, such as Starbucks and Panera .

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